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About Us

The vision of the Desert Lion Conservation (DLC) comprises of an issue, their objectives and the end. No one associated with the protection of creatures can just gander at an end without thinking about the issue. Particularly if that issue involves human impedance.

We should see Namibia’s “Desert” lion. Where precisely would they say they are found? They live in a region as wide as the Skeleton Coast Park, extending profound into Kaokoland and Damaraland. However, a few lions, similar to the Terrace male, meander much further and travel profound into Angola. Formally the examination zone of the DLC is the more noteworthy Kaokoland. A territory without streets, transport and correspondence. At that point for what reason are the lions attempting to endure?

As of late, protection has done a ton to restore the natural life populaces in North-Western Namibia. As the natural life expanded, the lions came further down into collective grounds to chase. An extra factor is that North-western Namibia had a decent stormy season in 1995 which made the nearby networks move their creatures more profound into Kaokoland looking for good brushing – frequently legitimately into lion regions. Lions are shrewd and before long found that cows are a lot simpler prey than a fit youthful impala. Cows structure the occupation of the roaming Himba and are inestimable in their way of life, likewise with the Damara and other neighborhood networks. The nearby networks began to set snares and shoot the lions – quickly diminishing their numbers. As per Dr Philip Stander, “the “Desert” lion is a conspicuous component in Namibia and is profoundly esteemed, both stylishly and monetarily, by the developing the travel industry.” Unfortunately, “these neighborhood networks bear the expenses of living with lions, however don’t share similarly in the advantages from the travel industry, and they get little help with overseeing clashes.”

The lion’s subsequent danger comes from a considerably more impressive power, in particular prize chasing. The issue with prize chasing has numerous aspects. Consistently the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) settles on a chasing standard for the various conservancies. Presently Dr Stander furnishes the MET with lions that will be reasonable for chasing. These are generally youthful male lions in regions where there are such a large number of guys. Lamentably the grant doesn’t recognize the particular lion, and no expert tracker needs to shoot a youthful male if his grant is indistinct and gives a proviso.

Trackers are not permitted to shoot captured lions, yet this sadly doesn’t keep them from shooting the grown-up guys they need. The subsequent issue is with nearby chasing. At the point when a lion turns into a “issue”, a grant will practically be delivered for the time being to settle the current issue. For this situation, Dr Stander and his group scarcely have any an ideal opportunity to attempt and re-find the lion or talk about administration methodologies with local people. It is contended that a greater number of lions are slaughtered in this manner than by proficient trackers. Obviously, the dry and frequently cold scene can be viewed as a third factor which is keeping lion numbers down.

However, how can one methodology an issue over so various levels of pay in a region that no one would decide to live in? Dr Stander contends that “there is requirement for proactive administration of human-lion strife to guarantee the drawn out protection of the species.” Back in 1998 when Dr Stander began the DLC, he needed to do broad exploration on a populace of lions of which basically nothing was known. He not just needed to gather biological information, he additionally needed to address the human-lion clashes – becoming more acquainted with the Himba and persuading them that lions have an advantage for everybody. Lately, lions have been followed by utilizing GPS, a light airplane likewise fitted with radio-following hardware and obviously, by vehicle. Lions beyond two years old are checked or radio nabbed. Those that move into new regions or move near human settlements, are firmly watched and observed. The human-lion strife is hence continually tended to and the board programs have been created to support everybody.

Namibia’s “Desert” lions have gotten significant to the travel industry and a voice for some, protection ventures in Namibia. At the point when an alpha male, similar to the Dorob Male is then pursued for a prize, it is a hit to each preservationist and to the lion populace overall. Nonetheless, the exposure it makes can be utilized to the upside of the lions by making individuals from everywhere the world mindful of the incredible work that the DLC put in to secure the lions. However, as Dr Stander so properly finishes up; “to guarantee the drawn out preservation of Desert lions, we have to screen their populace environment and oversee human-lion strife.”

In any case, can these free meandering lions actually be seen? Truly. Wild Safaris has three camps unmistakably situated for finding the desert lions; specifically Desert Rhino Camp, Doro Nawas and Damaraland Camp. It is likewise worth referencing that Wilderness Safaris works intimately with Desert Lion Conservation to secure these glorious animals. There are a few camps as well as hotels in Kaokoland and Damaraland that can conceivably be utilized as a base from which to look for the lions. Yet, a locating can never be ensured and along these lines this should never be the sole explanation behind visiting the territory.